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Mazda RX7
"College Car"
1991 Mazda MX6
"Happy Graduation!"
1991 Saturn
"Practical first car, not fun."
VW Karmann Ghia
"Should have never sold it."
"Kinda miss this one."
"Worth less than cost of repairs."
Mitsubishi 3000GT
"What were we thinking?"
VW Golf
"I loved this car."
Ford Focus Wagon
"The Silver Bullet"
2002 Mini Cooper
VW Passat
"Bad decision."
Mazda MPV
"Stop the denial, we need a minivan."
Mazda RX7
"Papa's hand-me-down, sent to Wylie."
Toyota Sienna
"Road trip!"
Chrysler 300M
"Scotts or The Yacht."
Mazda 3
"We need another car."

Fiat Abarth
"We love small cars."
1971 VW Karman Ghia Convertible
"Midlife crisis?"