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The Blankies, ACTION

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The Blankies: ACTION

Item #42525 / Released Apr '07

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1. Robot
2. Head, Nose, Belly Button, Toes  
3. Clap And Count
4. Free Form Dance
5. Morning, Noon & Night
6. Pick It Up
7. Pretend You're In The Game
8. Jump, Walk, Spin
9. Stop, Go, Fast, Slow
10. Clean
11. Bonus Track
12. Bonus Track

How To Use It

It's a Dr. Toy Best Products Award Winner, Spring 2007. The Blankies ACTION music CD is perfect when you need a beat! Kids will enjoy these songs for all kinds of group dance activities in gym class or at home. The songs promote physical activity and will help kids sharpen their coordination and listening skills while exercising.

What fans have to say...

"It grabs the kids attention right off the bat."

"I love the catchy tunes and different voices through each song."

"I like that this CD is different than other things I have heard."


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