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The Blankies, LEARN

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The Blankies: LEARN

Item #42526 / Released Apr '07

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1. Rhyming Words
2. Learning My ABCs
3. Five Senses
4. Tongue Twisters
5. Days Of The Week
6. Parts Of An Insect
7. Rhyming With Numbers
8. Twelve Months
9. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow  
10. Four Seasons
11. Bonus Track
12. Bonus Track

How To Use It

It's a Dr. Toy Best Products Award Winner, Spring 2007. The Blankies LEARN music CD is great for preschoolers and kindergartners. They will enjoy these early learning songs with fill-in-the-blank style lyrics that give listeners a chance to deduce answers and build listening skills. Songs about days, months, seasons, senses, insects and rhymes use this technique.

What fans have to say...

"My kids have been dancing like crazy to the "Learn!" cd. They are two and three years old, and we all love it! Thank you!" - Sheri

"I would highly recommend this CD to other early elementary school teachers because it works on so many of our literacy and math skills in a fun way."

"It's definitely different from most kids music. I like how they take a lot of stuff kids learn today and form them into songs."

"These songs would be attractive to kids who don't 'buy into' the traditional approach to learning."

"I love the catchy tunes and different voices through each song. The kids love it, too! I also like that the songs were educational and related to our curriculum."


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