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Teacher and the Rockbots, MULTIPLICATION

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Item#06569 / Released Jan '05

Lyrics  |  Worksheets

1. One Is Like A Copy Machine
2. Mutliply By Two, Easy Thing To Do
3. PBJ, Three Times A Day
4. Four On The Floor
5. Five Holes In My Head
6. Six Skinny Bug Legs
7. One Really Good Thing About Seven  
8. Eight Hours A Day
9. Nine Months In School
10. Multiply By Ten, Zero At The End
11. Eleven
12. You Can Multiply By Twelve
13. Anything Times Zero

How To Use It

A 2005 Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner. The MULTIPLICATION music CD from Teacher and the Rockbots makes learning basic multiplication tables a cool thing to do with its combination of modern rock and a funny cast of characters. These characters incorporate funny stories into their lessons so that repeated listening is never boring. These math songs also integrate life skills into the lyrics. For example, "Eight Hours A Day" is about working full-time and getting paid with a sub-text about honesty in the workplace.

To enhance each song, free activities in the form of worksheets, lyrics, quizzes and online games have been created. You can use them to introduce, test and/or reinforce subject along with each song.

What fans have to say...

"My kids love rocking to your multiplication!" - David

"This is absolutely excellent. I bought it for my 9-year-old son but my 12 loves it too. It gives the kids tools not just repitition. I find it fantastic. TRULY. My son loves it and he has learned from it." - M. Lomax

"I played the multiplication cd during carpool this summer. i was driving 3 boys going into 3rd grade. They can't wait for school especially math class. They feel so confident. I also drove one boy going into kindergarden who enjoyed the music. Thank you for making carpool an enjoyable learning experience for all." - Elissa

"I use them with with my ESL students, and they love them. We started with the multiplication by 1s, and then do the worksheet, then we create a game to play." - Penny

"It was great. The kids loved it and it has catchy tunes." - Tina

"It is so hard to teach children their times tables, but with your CD there is no more fussing or complaining, our children listen to this CD every day after school and use the worksheets (which are an added bonus) it really reinforces the learning process, thank you so much for making learning fun and making it less stressful for parents." - Maureen

"CD has very catchy tunes, which is precisely the point for memorization." - Kimberly

"My favorite song is 'Multiply by 2' because my daughter had trouble learning her math facts and this song introduced she and I to a whole new way of learning math." - Terisa

"I play the CD, Multiplication, for 3 learning disabled 3rd graders. They love the music and I find that they remember the words to the songs, when I know they couldn't repeat a word that I said to them! I encourage them to use their journals to write the equations in as the song is being played. Sometimes it is a bit too fast for them, but the challenge keeps them interested." - Carol

"We use rhythm sticks to keep the beat and move in formation to the music. We are very active and involved!" - Karen

"I just wanted to tell you how much my 3rd grade students and I love Teacher and the Rockbots. I had students asking for itunes gift cards so they could download songs for their birthdays. I have listened to many, many teacher CD\'s and this is by far the best ones out there." - Jenny


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