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The Blankies, PEACE

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The Blankies: PEACE

Item #42524 / Released Apr '07

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1. Courtesy
2. You Can Do It
3. Be Nice
4. Best Friends
5. Smile
6. Laugh
7. Share Your Love  
8. Bubble Bath
9. Thank You
10. Dreaming
11. Bonus Track
12. Bonus Track

How To Use It

It's a Dr. Toy Best Products Award Winner, Spring 2007. The Blankies PEACE music CD offers slower tempo songs that encourage calm and relaxation. Play them during quiet time, art class or individually as a theme for the week. The lyrics promote kindness, friendship, global citizenship and positive self-esteem.

What fans have to say...

"I love the simple titles of each song."

"Great music - great theme - this is a great choice in children's music. With so many to choose from nowadays, it is nice when one like this comes along that truly encourages good behavior, as well as helps children to just calm down and enjoy some good music."

"Cute, catchy songs are enganging and hold a great message or good educational value."

"I enjoy it when the kids turn this one on because the vocals are warm and rich, and the music is not overpowering, having almost a ballad sound at times."


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