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Rock Daddy Rock: Silly Short Songs For Silly Short People

Item#80729 / Released Jul '08


1. Boogers ... use a tissue.
2. Don't Hit, Don't Spit ... forgiveness.
3. Wart ... one day it will go away.
4. When You Grow Up ... who will you be?
5. Biter ... two wrongs don't make a right.
6. The Lecture ... a hug and kiss or two.
7. Where Is The Bathroom?   ... don't keep it in.
8. Your Room's A Mess ... clean it up right now!
9. Don't Pass The Gas ... go outside.
10. Dirty Nails ... where have they been?
11. Diaper   ... a good dad helps out.
12. Do The Burp ... don't do the burp!
13. Green ... spinach, peas, broccoli and green beans.
14. Tears Of Joy ... happy birthday mommy.
15. Time For Bed ... without nightmares.
16. Because I Care ... I just want you to be safe.
17. Gun (Peace Sign) ... the peace sign.
18. Turn If Off ... go outside and play.

How To Use It

The SILLY SHORT SONGS FOR SILLY SHORT PEOPLE music CD from Rock Daddy Rock is all about life lessons from the silly and wonderful world of children. The song "When You Grow Up" was a finalist in the 2008 International Songwriting Competition. Electric guitars, cool beats, humorous lyrics and kids singing back-up will have your car or classroom laughing and learning.

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What fans have to say...

"I was teaching my fourth grade class in the computer lab and one [student] stumbled across your link. She asked if she could hear the music.  I told her to give it ago... ON CAME BOOGERS. Within seconds the class had learned the chorus and was singing away in laughter.  It will bring many smiles to my class this year." - David

"We played it over and over yesterday and today while driving home. My daughter may even start cleaning her room." - Midge

"We LOVED LOVED LOVED them. They are hysterical!" - Molly

"They ponder into behavioral issues without sounding moralistic. They are playful, fun, contemporary and work with educational values." - Saskia

"You sneak in a lot of educational elements in a very fun way. I absolutely like that you use different styles of music." - Marijke

"Funny, gross and real with good life lessons to learn and discuss." - Katy

"These are very everyday, down to earth. That's good." - Tom

"These are fun - I like them all. I like how several turn sweet." - Tina

"Awesome. Great. Good and disgusting." - Heather

"4th grade girls like the beats." - Jenny

"These are a blast. You are amazingly creative!" - Danna

"Loved it whenever there were kids' voices." - Jennifer

"You have some very catchy songs." - Jaymie

"Liked it when kids chimed in during songs. Music reminded us of many popular songs." - Michelle


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