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Teacher and the Rockbots, SCIENCE

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Item#10019 / Released May '05

Lyrics  |  Worksheets

1. Intro
2. Animals Belong in Class ?
3. Where Will I Go? ?
4. Food Chain ?
5. Water Cycle ?
6. Simple Machines ?
7. Electricity ?
8. Scientific Method ?
9. Complicated Machine ?
10. Eight Planets - NEW! ?
11. Things in Space - NEW!   ?
12. Lemonade Stand ?
13. Light ?
14. How's the Weather? ?

How To Use It

A 2005 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner. The SCIENCE music CD from Teacher and the Rockbots reinforces elementary school science lessons in a kid-friendly way with humor, modern rock music and commentary from a robot... think 21st century "Schoolhouse Rock." And to make the songs like a game, clues are given in the verses so that listeners can try to guess the answers before they are revealed.

To enhance each song, free activities in the form of worksheets, lyrics, quizzes and online games have been created. You can use them to introduce, test and/or reinforce subject along with each song.

The music of Teacher and the Rockbots gives parents and teachers an exciting alternative to raunchy pop songs and cheesy nursery rhymes. While the music has the sound and feel of modern rock, the lyrics are all about scholastic achievement and well-rounded basic knowledge.

What fans have to say...

"My class and I just love it! They were seriously jamming to the simple machine song....test is today. We are ordering the multiplication CD because we liked the science one so much." - Tracie

"My kids love the upbeat, rock sound to this album. They have outgrown the cheesy music usually forced on children, and wanted something "rock and roll, Mom!" I liked the fact that they are learning something while listening." - mom2thrie

"CD is a lot of fun. The kids like the electronic sound. Some of the songs are very catchy! Great job, make another science CD." - Tracy

"We listen to the songs, sometimes make up dances, and really like using the worksheets included on your site. The students and I like the rock style of the song, we love the robot voice." - Lisa

"There are 4 songs that fit right into my science curriculum for fifth grade. These songs will be handy due to their catchy tunes/melodies that will hook and hold my students' attention!" - Matthew

"I have used the water cycle song to enhance my lesson on the water cycle. The students learned the song and love to sing along with it. I think that learning the songs will be a lot more fun for the students than just reviewing with what they already know. I like all the songs I have heard because they are educational but don't make me cringe with their cuteness." - Logan

"I use the songs to review topics we have learned about in class. The kids love singing the songs!" - Jennifer

"I just wanted to tell you how much my 3rd grade students and I love Teacher and the Rockbots. I had students asking for itunes gift cards so they could download songs for their birthdays. I have listened to many, many teacher CD\'s and this is by far the best ones out there." - Jenny

"I am using this CD for summer science lessons for my grandchildren. It's a great way to learn when combined with the worksheets available from the Teacher and the Rockbots website. Fun and educational." - Judy

"Keep on rocking the educational world! This CD is great my husband and I really enjoy listening to this CD with our children. " - Maureen

"We use [Animals Belong In Class] to generate interest and review the animal classes." - Dorothy

"I often make a power point to accompany the song, and stop the recording to ask students for the correct answer to the details as sung in the song." - Karen


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