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Teacher and the Rockbots, WORLD

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Item#28383 / Released Jun '06

Lyrics  |  Worksheets

1. Intro
2. Continents ?
3. How To Read A Map ?
4. Globe ?
5. One World ?
6. Cities, States, Countries and Continents   ?
7. Supply & Demand ?
8. People ?
9. Oceans ?
10. Habitats ?
11. Food ?
12. Landforms ?
13. Sports ?

How To Use It

The WORLD music CD from Teacher and the Rockbots has songs about life on Earth to help promote global awareness, cultural diversity and knowledge of world geography. In the same 45 minutes it takes to drive to and from most family errands, the Rockbots explore 75 different factual and interesting aspects of our planet and its people. Want to know something cool about our planet? Ask a Rockbot fan; they'll be glad to tell you.

To enhance each song, free activities in the form of worksheets, lyrics, quizzes and online games have been created. You can use them to introduce, test and/or reinforce subject along with each song.

The Rockbots have pioneered an "edgy-cational" songwriting style that holds the attention of kids by appealing to their competitive nature. The songs provide clues during the verses so that listeners can try to figure out the answers before they are revealed. It is like a musical version of "I Spy" or "Jeopardy."

What fans have to say...

"I just wanted to tell you how much my 3rd grade students and I love Teacher and the Rockbots. I had students asking for itunes gift cards so they could download songs for their birthdays. I have listened to many, many teacher CD\'s and this is by far the best ones out there." - Jenny

"My 9 and 10 year olds kids love this CD... it has helped them so much, they grasp the concept of learning through memorizing, what a great idea!!! I hope you come up with more creative tools for learing, thanks a bunch!!" - Maureen

"My grands just love this CD and so do I. What a great learning, living tool. I'll most definately be purchasing their other CDs." - Carolyn

"I like all the content that were in the songs. There was a ton of vocabulary imbedded in the songs. Kids could really learn a lot in a fun way. This would be great to play in the car."

"My kids like the rock beat/sounds. Most kids like music and it is a fun way to learn some difficult concepts and vocabulary."

"I have used the worksheets to help focus the students on the songs. We play the music when the students are working." - Norene

"I often make a power point to accompany the song, and stop the recording to ask students for the correct answer to the details as sung in the song." - Karen


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