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Music Lessons

• Learn songs that you want to play or sing.
• Learn from an experienced professional.
• Learn to play different instruments.

Instructor Demo

Beats Slap Wah Synth



Guitar Fretboard

Guitar Chords (3 pages)

Power Chord

Easy Guitar Tabs

Guitar Riffs (3 pages)

Blues Guitar

Spanish Guitar

Classical Guitar (5 pages)

Blank Guitar Tabs

Guitar Workbook (21 pages)

Ukulele (2 pages)

Bass Fretboard

Blank Bass Tabs

Bass Workbook (8 pages)

Keyboard Notes

Keyboard Scales

Keyboard Chords

Keyboard Chord Inversions

Keyboard Blanks

Keyboard Workbook (16 pages)

Drum Workbook (9 pages)

Vocal Workbook (5 pages)

Other Resources

Ultimate Guitar


Rhyme Zone


Blank Sheet Music


Chris's guitar music

Guitarra Parra: Spanish Inspired Guitar Instrumentals, Vol. 1

Guitarra Parra: Spanish Inspired Guitar Instrumentals, Vol. 2

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