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Rock Band is the program for young musicians that can play an instrument, but don't have experience playing in a band. The goal is to learn how to sound good as a group and perform live.

Rock Band+ is for existing bands that need help reaching their goals. Short-term or long-term options available. Rehearse at Rock Band Academy or your home studio.

Solo Artist is for the aspiring singer-songwriter. They will get the chance to work with an award-winning music producer and rehearse with talented session musicians.

Mini Session is for teenage bands only. This is ideal for experienced musicians. Rehearse twice, then do a concert!

Recording Studio for songwriters. Make a professional-sounding studio recordings of original songs. Play multiple instruments. Work with a producer and learn basic sound engineering and productions skills.

Music Video for bands, auditions or special projects. Capture the personality of a band or record a live performance. This is the best way to share the talent on YouTube when a video has a good song, interesting locations, creative acting and professional editing.

2017 Fees

ROCK BAND: 9, 90-minute rehearsals, song sheet preparation, weekly feedback and a concert with a chance to get paid for $363 per person.

ROCK BAND+: prices vary depending on location, time and services needed.

SOLO ARTIST: 6, 60-minute rehearsals, song sheet preparation, weekly feedback and a concert with back-up band for $330.

MINI SESSION: 2, 60-minute rehearsals + concert management for $66. That's a 50% discount. High school musicians only.

STUDIO RECORDINGS: 5 studio hours for $165.

MUSIC VIDEO: Live studio shoot for $99 (2 hours) or full-package music video for $299 (6 hours). Time includes set-up, travel, video shoot and editing.

10% family discount when siblings are in the same session. 50% discount for musicians that join a 2nd band.

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1. No upfront cost to test.
2. Small band size (3-5 kids).
3. Musicians choose songs.
4. Musicians can write songs.
6. Musicians earn money at shows.
7. Owner coaches every band.
8. No long-term commitment.
9. Locally owned.
10. Custom options.

Things to learn:

• good rehearsal habits
• choosing the right songs
• songwriting and the "hook"
• starting and stopping together
• developing a tight rhythm
• signalling changes
• compromise
• tempo, dynamics, volume
• arrangement
• melody
• harmony
• good pitch
• managing equipment
• time management
• setting goals
• song structure
• performing live
• stage presence
• concert promotions
• switching instruments
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