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Appetite 85 is European-American synthpop inspired by the 80s.

Appetite 85 is the solo project of Chris Bihuniak. The songs on the Appetite 85 - EP were started in 2014 in Valencia, Spain and finished in 2019 in Kansas, USA. Retro synthesizers, electronic snare, guitar solos and inspiration from synthpop innovators give Appetite 85 an intentional 80s sound.

The "All My Days" music video was created by Chris using basic animation. Enjoy exploding aliens, martinis, innuendos and a robot guitar solo.

The "Too Much Digital" music video is more pop-art animation from Chris, but with a surprise ending. Watch it, smash your phone and go outside!!!


"It's difficult to get tired of synth-pop when it's as good as "All My Days" thanks to the charming instrumentals and alluring vocals combination. Chris Bihuniak, better known as Appetite 85 brings his global experiences to his music and has been giving us creative tunes like "All My Days" since the 1980s Appetite 85 recently released their self titled EP, filled with other synthy songs you can adore." - The Luna Collective

"The overall feeling from this song reminded me of being at midnight in my favourite club. The synth chords blend perfectly with the electronic somewhat retro synth disquesque production, this is one of those tracks that has a retro influence and manages to breath fresh air on its own. The guitar arrangements/solo at the mid section are a must hear and are the perfect combination to the synth driven production overall. The vocals and specially the chorus were the best parts for me since they transmit a good fun mood (even if you were in a bad day, trust me)." - Synthpop Your World

appetite 85

Places that play Appetite 85

Artefaktor Radio (Mexico)

Mixcloud: Perfect/Pop (England)

Mixcloud: Synth City on Phoenix FM (England)

Mixcloud: My Favorite Sings (England)

Mixcloud: Johnny Normal Synthetic Show (England)

Mixcloud: The Fused Wireless Programme (England)

Mixcloud: Space Jams (England)

Mixcloud: White Lion Radio (England)

Spotify: Indie Music Nation (USA)

Spotify: Maisonneuve Music (Canada)

Spotify: The Luna Collective (USA)

Spotify: Talk About Pop Music (Scotland)

Spotify: Synthpop Your World (Mexico)

1985: So many great albums were released that year!


Appetite 85 represents Chris Bihuniak's natural instincts as a musician for over of 4 decades. The "85" symbolizes the year he met his wife and when the song "Appetite" by Prefab Sprout was released.

Chris was born in Panama and lived in Brazil, Austria, USA and Spain. He considers himself a European-American by virtue of genetics and spending time in 22 European countries!

Chris was a child of the 80s, but first started using "Appetite" in 1990 for his solo recording projects. This was also his first attemp at performing all of the instruments on his own.

Appetite's first recordings were made with a Roland synthesizer and Tascam 4-track cassette recorder. Hear them on Chris's recording history.

Between 1990-1995, Appetite transformed from a solo live performance to a six-piece band playing shows in Kansas City. In 1997, Chris produced an 8-song CD with guest musicians.

appetite review

Rock Band Academy The Appetite 85 - EP was mixed and mastered at Rock Band Academy studios in Prairie Village, Kansas between 2018-2019.

"All My Days" music video reviews...

"The rocket ship flying into the hole gives us a metaphoric glimpse into what is going to happen in just a few days." - Tim

"It's very entertaining and fun." - Beth

"I think it is weird but I think that's why it's likeable." - Tiger

"It's really great and works so nice with the song." - Ali

"Great. The Hooks. They abound." - Allan

"Love it! Nice work!" - Scott

"This is awesome! You have to share this!!" - Bennett

"Thats pretty awesome. And works well" - Wayne

"That's amazing! What is it? Something you did?" - Rob

"Nice animation and you sound great." - Vicky

"I liked the video a lot!!" - Lilly

"It seemed rather heavy on iinuendo images. Did you intend that?" - Tina

"I love it! Is that your voice? Amazing." - Penny

"Very catchy tune. I like it a lot. Given the thumbs up on YouTube." - Richard

"'Spending it the way we want to/ great song Chris!" - Winston

"Amazing, Chris, but not a shocker! I've known that talent for nearly forty years!" - Heather

"Nice! I like weird." - Kelli

"I like this song. It is catchy and video was compelling." - Brian

"That was Awesome Chris. Just the right amount of Sexy." - Damian

"The music has a catchy repetition, the video is funky weird but interesting. I am just amazed by your endless creativity." - Maya

"Wait for Me" comparisons...

"I like it! I have a soft spot for 80s new wave pop, puts me in the mind of Depeche Mode, New Order, etc" - Allan

"Reminds me of everything I love about the 80s... Psychedelic Furs." - Ashley

"Unique tune! I hear a lot new wave influence. I hear some of the electronic push of the early 80s." - Chris

"Sweet. Reminds me of If You Leave by OMD." - ?

"Nice! It reminds me of Devo or something like that." - Rachelle

"I love that track." - Brooks

"Sounds like an Our Daughters Wedding." - Greg

"I can't really think of anything specific that it sounds like but I like it a lot!" - Billy

"Separate Ways by Journey from the opening synth. Less techno Depeche Mode from the first verse." - Christian

"It reminds me of Radiohead or David Bowie or the soundtrack of Stranger Things." - Grace

"Vocals are really nice and memorable without being too repetitive." - Tiger

"Too Much Digital" music video reviews...

"Dude! I love this! You've got a real cool, pop art feel - love the scene where everyone's heads disappear." - Ali

"I like it a lot!! Yes, the irony of getting something out there is that people will most likely only hear it through their phone!!" - Tiger

"I love it!!! So impressed with the animation and absolutely love the boys cliff diving. Amazing job!" - Ashley

"Very cool video! I love the surprise switch at the end. I think your graphics are super fun and especially like your self portrait." - Beth

"Song and video are both amazing. Banger of a track." - Brooks

"It is so creative. The animations just keep getting better!" - Grace

"It's great. Love the family pics." - Brooke

"Video is super dope really glad you sent this over. keep up the good work." - Luna Collective