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Guitarra Parra (Guitar Vine)

Relaxing Jazz Fusion from Kansas City

Guitarra Parra is instrumental music from Chris Bihuniak and friends. It's a mix of jazz, blues, rock and latin music with an emphasis on guitar.

Chris was born in Panama in 1967 and has lived in Brazil, Austria, Spain and the USA. He currently lives in Westside North, Kansas City, Missouri.

As an ASCAP recording artist with 18 albums, various children's music awards and performance experience since 1982, Chris has always been an evolving artist. As of 2024, his focus is on jazz guitar and performing Guitarra Parra songs with talented Kansas City musicians.


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Guitarra Parra: Quartet

Guitarra Parra: Solo

Guitarra Parra: Trio

D'Angelico EXL-1 Walnut'

Guitarra Parra: 2024 Recordings

Chris first released the "Reyka" single after an inspiring trip to Iceland. Then came a "Dusk" EP which showcased four songs that Chris recorded entirely on his own. In August, the "Black Box" album was released and featured the Guitarra Parra quartet that played several live shows. This album features Chris on guitar, Davis Michaelsen on keyboards, Patrick Selley on bass and Kurt Tilton on drums.

Guitarra Parra: 2023 Recordings

The 2023 Guitarra Parra two-album project is mixture of songs written in Spain, England and New York City. It also contained instrumental versions of songs that were previously recorded for My Formula and Appetite 85.

guitarra parra chris bihuniak in his Kansas City basement


Chris Bihuniak: Guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, EWI.

Guest Musicians
Chris Thompson: Bass guitar on Dos Martillos, Stop, Avenue B, Ahead Behind.
Kurt Tilton: Drums on Dos Martillos, Stop, Avenue B, London Lift, Algo Nuevo.
Luke Welsh: Drums on Exotico, Cuppa, Hollow.
Chaney Butner: Drums on Waiting Too Long, Rise.
Tommy Auckland: Keyboards on Cuppa, Ahead Behind, Tools In My Head.
Max Bunte: Drums on Mind The Gap, Cross Town Walk, Ahead Behind. Keyboard solos on Stop, Cross Town Walk.
Tyler King: Harp on Avenue B.


Chris Bihuniak: Guitar, keyboards, bass, drums, percussion, EWI.

Guest Musicians
Kurt Tilton: Drums on Be Free, Pleasure, Peace On A Prairie
Luke Welsh: Drums on Water.
Chaney Butner: Drums on Monasterio, Organico.
Max Bunte: Drums on Camino.
Tyler King: Harp on Bridge to Cam.

chris thompson kurt tilton tommy auckland chaney butner tyler king max bunte

Playlists supporting Guitarra Parra:
Radio Armazem (Brazil)
Sons do Guardinha: The Cool Jazz Collection (Spotify)
Psychedelic Jazz (Spotify)
Visual Atelier 8 (Spotify)
Maisonnueve Music: Acoustic Guitar Focus (Spotify)
Chitarra Rilassante e Pacifica (Spotify)

Guitarra Parra: 2013 Recordings

After spending time in Valencia, Spain between 2013-2016, Chris was inspired to write and record songs with a Spanish style. The compositions were written for two acoustic guitars and hand percussion. Chris performed every part and recorded 20 songs in his home studio in less than one month. The song "Esperanza (Hope)" has over 18 million streams.


Reviews from friends...

"It is fantastic chill music. I think it would be great for a dinner party." - Jeff N.

"Excellent stuff, you really sound great. I pick up some Brazilian sound, must be from your youth growing up in Sao Paulo." - Chris S.

"Listened to your album today while baking biscotti... loved the vibe." - Colleen K.

"Muy buen album, felicidades, me gusto mucho!!" - Carlos S.

"I really respect the amount of work you've put into all this man - it's really well done - so super chill." - Jack M.

"Hollow is my favorite so far. Makes me think of Edgar Winter. I can also hear Lindsey Buckingham and John Scofield in some the others. Avenue B is muy second favorite." - Ricky M.

"I'm enjoying your album as I am working at my desk this morning. I love its electric jazzy feel on a sunny snowy morning." - Dan D.

"Damn dude!! That sounds awesome!! I'm also a HUGE jazz fusion fan, so I DIG the new stuff, man." - Lee B.

"Ive been fusing all day. I really like Waiting Too Long." - Steve S.

"This is really good album... even if you're not a fan of fusion." - Tyler K.

"Of course I enjoyed the guitar, but it was the tracks with another instrument that stood out to me and caught my ear off guard." - Tony S.

"It's really awesome. I love it!" - Tammy B.

"It's lovely! My favorite is Motivate. I hear that fusion sound." - Tina M

"Ran a 5k this morning bumping Vista all the way. Love Pulpo and Water. All so good" - Brooks B

"Gave me some Brasil flashbacks." - Mark B

chris bihuniak


Guitarra Parra is a CDBaby distributed artist.
All songs copyright Christopher Denis Bihuniak, an ASCAP recording artist.