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My Formula is ambient-electronic-experimental music with minimal lyrics.

The A.C.M.E. (Ambient Collaboration Music Experience) album was released in 2018. It was an expression of Chris Bihuniak's music ideas to incorporate talented friends.

Every My Formula song uses a similar arrangement. They all start with an electric piano chord progression that repeats from beginning to end. Vocals combine different singers and speaking voices with minimal lyrics.

Although Chris wrote and performed most of the parts, he invited guest musicians to collaborate in an unexpected way. Every guest musician recorded their parts with only given a short sample of the song. For example, they might receive 8 measures of just piano and drums in order to create a bass line or guitar riff. Singers were given more creative freedom, but Chris only selected portions of their recordings.

Once the song was finished, guest musicians received a surprise about how their parts were used.

My Formula supporters:

InSpotMusic (Germany)

Synths Of Eden (Holland)

Moon Phase Radio (UK)

Last Day Deaf

My Favorite Sings (UK)

1. Pleasure and Pain: The summary of life.

    Fritz, vocals; Ali, beat; Brooks, bass; Remy, noises; Voices: Text-2-Speech.

2. Motivation: When you need to get things done.

   Grace, vocals; Remy, clean guitar.

3. Stuck in My Head: A tribute to a good song.

    Mick, vocals; Max, guitar solo; Remy, noises; Voices: Avery, Emerson, Sam, Hannah, Mer, Casey, Mollie, Luke.

4. Water Fall: A long hot shower.

    Grace, Remy, Fritz, vocals; Voices: Text-2-Speech.

5. Organic: Mocking food packaging.

    Will, alternate beat and bass; Voices: Fred, Britton, Maddie, Cameron, Text-2-Speech.

6. Forward Rewind: Pleasure in things from the past.

    Grace, vocals; Brooks, guitar; Ali, synth lead; Voices: Text-2-Speech.

7. In Love With You: A love song.

    Fritz, vocals; Christian, guitar; Voices: Text-2-Speech.

8. Say or Do: Actions speak louder than words.

    Voices, Mollie, Oliver.

9. Sense of Dread: Taken from a 2000 Pure Cane recording.

    Cori, vocals + lyrics; Voices: Text-2-Speech.

10. Be Free Dance: A dance song in 3/4 time.

    Shelby, Mick, vocals; Christian, guitar.

11. I Can't Stop You: Pick and choose your battles.

    Remy, clean guitar; Voices: Text-2-Speech.

12. Someone Else Somewhere Else: The desire to move.

    Grace, Remy, Fritz, Brooks, Christian, vocals; Brooks, bass, outro lead.

Rock Band Academy Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered at Rock Band Academy studios in Prairie Village, Kansas between June - October 2018.

Reviews on "Pleasure and Pain"

"Loved it i personally felt the track had a tiny bit too much vocal for me to visualise in a soundscape but loved it please stay in touch." - Mind Chill 360

"While well produced, I kept waiting for the song to go somewhere and it didn't." - Ola's Kool Kitchen

"Great moody jazzy feel. Great energy and live feel. Bit too jammy for the blog." - Asian Dan

"Quite a decent energy but we feel production maybe could have more elements?!" - Culture Mag

"I wasn't a fan of the computer voices throughout the track, and your vocals also felt a bit underwhelming especially when singing in a higher pitch. I think it's still a bit too messy to get featured." - Noisy Road

"I dig the instrumentals on this but the vocals weren't quite for me. Thanks for sharing it with us, though!" - Birp.FM

"Me gusta la propuesta arriesgada pero siento que los efectos en la voz no son mis preferidos. Gracias por enviarnos el track de todos modos." - Rocktails

"This is very well structured, but we're looking for something a bit faster paced." - Cloudy SH

Reviews on "Forward Rewind"

"Great work on the track. It just doesn't fit into our content." - Inspot Music

"The synth use and melodies are quite nice but I can't get into the song overall and the vocals don't appeal to me unfortunately." - Mix It All Up

"We appreciate the talent and collaborative creativity, still, we do not connect much to the songwriting and its more accessible and mainstream pop character. We recognize the talent and abilities the track involved though, and all the best!!" - Destroy//Exist

"Hi Chris, nice single you did here. Still a bit too monotonous and minimalistic. Not really something that stands out in a special way!" - Robaer

"Sorry, I Just wasn't feeling the melody / instrumentals throughout this one. Thanks for sharing, though! " - Birp.FM

"I liked the sound design quite a bit, the idea was great, but the arrangement felt off." - Eternity

"Really enjoying the music but feel the vocals are too quiet for it /sounding shy." - Stereofox

"The structure is a bit too flay for me, sorry." - EDM Insiders

Reviews on "Water Fall"

"The instrumental and progression is absolutely beautiful, the track is also mixed and mastered very well. Unfortunately we just weren't a fan of the vocal work. Maybe more lyrics would add another needed factor. this is great though, Feel free to send more music in the future." - SoulfulxNature

"I liked mostly the instrumentals, such as the electric guitar, the vocals are pretty good too. It's in the edge of meditative. Nice synths as well. Good production." - Synths of Eden

"Great jazzy and heady minimal arrangement. Bit too introspective and spacey for the site." - Asian Dan.

"Loved the feel of the track with the slow tempo and electro vibes. The beat is good and I liked how it progressed but its not for us sadly." - Electro Pose

"I dig the tempo and overall chill sound. There is an instrument (you can hear it from 2:10 - 2:23) which could use some refinement as it sounds very digital and a bit clunky at the moment. cheers keep going." - Blue Bardot

"Nice and chilled sounds. A bit Thievery Corporation. Less keen on the vocals." - Acid Ted Blog

"Enjoyed the production but found the vocals to be a tad predictable by the end." - ADSR Collective

"This has potential, but we feel overall production needs bit more work -- keep going." - Our Culture Mag