Was The Ref Right? Referees have a difficult job.

These videos show youth, high school and college games and the challenging decisions referees have to make. They are intended for referee training and education.

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HandlingHandling in the BoxShawnee Mission2020Watch
VarietyCrucial CallsOlathe2020Watch
PenaltyPenalty PerplexityWyandotte2020Watch
FoulsClumsy or Clever?Wyandotte2020Watch
OffsideObviously OffOverland Park2019Watch
FoulsIs Your Whistle Working?Lawrence2019Watch
CardsYelling for YellowsOverland Park2019Watch
Penalty4 Possible PenaltiesOverland Park2019Watch
FoulsGoals denied... or not.Overland Park2019Watch
FoulsAccuracy at State Cup FinalsOlathe2019Watch
FoulsKung Fu KicksOlathe2019Watch
Indirect KickKeeper Kick and CatchOlathe2019Watch
AdvantagePlaying the advantageHidden Valley2019Watch
PenaltyPuzzling PenaltiesHidden Valley2019Watch
CardsPushing PandemoniumHidden Valley2019Watch
CardsEarly Red Card DilemmaSwope2019Watch
PenaltyBodies Flying in the BoxSwope2019Watch
FoulsDid He Forget His Whistle?Cownie2019Watch
CardsAre Any of These Cards?Wyandotte2019Watch
FoulsPlayer Surprised by FoulCownie2019Watch
CardsYellow Cards?Wyandotte2018Watch
PenaltyPenalty Decisions at State CupWyandotte2018Watch
FoulsAll Those ArmsOverland Park2018Watch
FoulsLove a Good Slide TackleOverland Park2018Watch
FoulsRef Cam DebutBlue Valley SW2018Watch
HandlingHandling IntricaciesVarious2018Watch
CardsLast defender, red card?Heritage2018Watch
Out-of-PlayDid it go out?Wyandotte2018Watch
FoulsStaying calm or loosing controlHeritage2018Watch
Penalty4 penalty decisionsWyandotte2018Watch
FoulsReckless, Impeding, Yellow Card?Cownie2018Watch
OffsideWatching 2 things at onceOverland Park2018Watch
FoulsGreat tackle or nasty foul?Swope2017Watch
GoalsDid the ball cross the line?Various2017Watch
VarietyA little bit of everythingIndian Hills2017Watch
FoulsFoul or Falling?Swope2017Watch
CardsStraight RedOverland Park2017Watch
FoulsFoul or all ball?Overland Park2017Watch
HandlingPlayer reactions to handlingOverland Park2017Watch
Offside3 very close offside calls, no goalsSwope2017Watch
FoulsGood positions to make the callOverland Park2017Watch
PenaltyPenalty, Dive or Clumsy?Overland Park2017Watch
Penalty5 possible penaltiesSt. Louis2017Watch
OffsideMystery offside, no goalOklahoma2016Watch
PenaltyPossible penaltyOverland Park2016Watch
OffsideWas any part of the body offside?Overland Park2016Watch
HandlingHandling or not?Wichita2016Watch
OddityGoal post too close to cross barWichita2016Watch
GoalsGoal Line DecisionSM North2016Watch
PenaltyFoul in or out of boxSM North2016Watch
PenaltyFoul or no foul?Lawrence2016Watch
OffsideRaising hand to influenceShawnee Mission2016Watch
OddityRequired to explainSM North2016Watch
Fouls2 big decisions in 1 minuteBlue Valley2016Watch
Cards2 red cardsBlue Valley2016Watch
Offside4 offside decisionsSwope2016Watch
AllComplete PlaylistVariousAllWatch

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