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We Grew Up Fast

Lyrics written by Allan Orski and Chris Bihuniak. Music and recording by Chris Bihuniak.


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We wore white tube socks
And painted the rock
We learned how to dance
At Walter Schalk

Cider Mill
Middlebrook up the hill
The tire playground
Was the new thrill

We grew up fast
When we crossed the town line
We were just kids
Back in seventy-nine

In the center after school
We played it cool
And Merwin Meadows
Our dirty pool

The Buggles video
And the death of disco
The toughest kid
Was Lou DeFrancesco

We grew up fast
After Reagan had won
And we were just kids
Back in eighty-one

With a Warrior pride
Deep inside
Lacrosse state champs
New Canaan cried

Thriller was king
Quiet Riot and Sting
And no one even knew
That "Clue" could sing

We grew up fast
With a slow PC
And we were just kids
Back in eighty-three

The town was dry
We still got high
Peeled out from the courts
When the cops came by

We grew up fast
But old friends survive
When we were just kids
Back in eightyfive

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Copyright 2008 Orski & Bihuniak


Allan and Chris were friends in Wilton, Connecticut during the late 70s and early 80s. As high school freshman, they played in a band called "Stand Like This" with Winnie Smith and Mark Bardagy. In their senior yearbook, Chris was voted "Most Musical."

It wasn't until their 20th high school reunion that the two friends rediscovered their common interest in songwriting. Through Facebook.com, they collaborated on this song which was written and recorded during November - December 2008. Chris produced the song and video through his children's music company.


"Unbelievable!" - Bryan

"This beamed me right back - great job, guys" - Kirsten

"Freaking brilliant!" - Darcy

"Excellent, great job you guys." - Fred

"Love the song." - Sheri

"Lots of chuckles. Great team effort." - Erika

"The song is awesome. You guys really nailed it!" - Alison

"Hilarious! Love it!" - Maura

"Tear to my eye! Well done!" - Liz

"What a hit! Can't wait to hear it on the radio..." - Mara

"It rocks!! All Wiltonians must listen!!!" - Nicole

"Loved the trip down memory lane especially because I had forgotten all about The Rock!" - Emily

"I laughed my head off and woke up the kids! It is great." - Cowps

"What a great song - it brings back lots of great memories. My son was listening to the song and was laughing so hard his soda went spraying all over when he heard the line about the "slow PC" ... kids." - Debbie

"You ROCK! The video is great! You're a musical genius!" - Phoebe

"The 'We Didn't Start the Fire' from our small corner of the world!" - Rahul

"Awesome!! I predict a smash hit!!" - Amy

"Great Job Guys" - Jeff

"Thanks guys...this definitely made me smile...so great!!!!" - Amanda

"I loved your video and the lyrics were great! Thanks for making me smile today!" - Julie

"Hey, good stuff Chris and Allan... good memories!!!!" - Fred

"Awesome! Looks like you had a lot of fun making it." - Eva

"That was the bomb!!!!! My kids are in H.S. now and they loved it!!! You rock." - Wrestleman1125

"Wow! Love the video!" - David

"It really sums up so many special personality-forming moments." - Cindy

"That was a trip." - Cathy

"This song/video is rad." - Mark

"Your gift has helped us all smile & laugh while reconnecting with some old friends. Thanks again for recording & sharing the fond memories." - Kathi

"Hilarious. Didn't you break your wrist on the tire playground? I remember you being carried off and i almost threw up." - Sue

"The whole thing is fantastic but the Lou D. reference is absolutely priceless." - Becca

"That trip down memory lane has me smiling." - Therese

"It's hilarious and my three kids ask to see it every single morning before they eat breakfast." - Natasha

"You are a musical genius." - Scott

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Dec. 31, 2008

Contact Chris to submit your comments