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El Puig de Santa Maria

20 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or 4€ museum fee.

"Puig" means hill in Valenciano. James I of Aragon conquered it on the way to his conquest of Valencia in 1237. Visit the 16th century monastery museums or walk up the hill to see Spanish Civil War trenches or pathetic remains of a Moorish castle.


Marjal de Moros

20 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

Take a peaceful walk around a wild bird sanctuary located in between the sea and mountains. There are raised platforms for views of lagoons... and birds of course.

MAP / Instructions: Walk towards the beach and look for a sign with a map.


20 minutes South of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or fee for boat rides.

Lake Albufera has a lot to offer: Sunset boat rides, bird watching, walking and biking trails between the lake and sea. Or, just drive past the rice fields on the way to El Palmar, the birthplace of Paella.

MAP / Instructions: There is a tourist office that closes at 2pm with maps.


30 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€. CLOSED Mondays.

A combination of old and restored walls from a fortress used by various conquering forces since the Romans. There's also a controversly restored amphitheatre.

MAP / Instructions: Park the car where you can enjoy a little walk towards the castle.

Canet d'en Berenguer

30 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€.

This is my favorite beach in the area because you don't see the ugly ports of Sagunto and Valencia. Plus, it's not very crowded, the water is clearer and the sand is soft.


Museo de Chocolate Comes

30 minutes Sorth of Valencia*    Cost: 2€.

See and taste how a Valencian chocolate company has made their products for over 100 years using traditional methods and no artificial ingredients.



35 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

A 45-minute walk up a hill takes you to remains of an Arab fortress overlooking Valencia. Beautiful views.

MAP / Instructions: After you enter Serra, look for a sign to the Castillo on the right and park next to the apartments. Walk across the bridge.

Mirador el Garbí

35 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

This is for the serious hiker because it involves a little rock climbing. Or, you could be a wimp and drive near the peak. Wait for a clear day for spectacular views.

MAP / Instructions: Drive to Segart on the CV-329 from the A-23. Just before you reach the pueblo, there is parking on the side of the road. Follow the path and trail markings. Good luck.


40 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

Every September, Segorbe has a Toros y Caballeros (running of the bulls) festival. There is a museum honoring it, but Segorbe has much more. An olive oil museum, cathedral, crypts, executioners tower, castle remains and old city walls.

MAP / Instructions: The Tourist Office has discount tickets to all museums./p>


45 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

A waterfall with a tragic history and the primary source of my family's drinking water. In the Summer, you can swim in the river or hear concerts.

MAP / Instructions: Look for signs for the fuente or El Salto de la Novia waterfall./p>


45 minutes South of Valencia*    Cost: Small fee. CLOSED Mondays.

A hilltop castle with well-preserved buildings and walls. The walk to the top provides great exercise. There's a restaurant inside or picnic benches if you bring your own food.


Los Calderones

45 minutes West of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

Spectacular hiking trails inside a river gorge with awesome cliffs. Look for climbers.

MAP / Instructions: Park in Chulilla and consider getting a map in the tourist office.

Aqueducto de La Peña Cortada

50 minutes West of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

A 30-minute hike through beautiful gorges will lead you to an old roman aqueduct. Walk across it for a sense of vertigo.

MAP / Instructions: You will need to drive down a dirt road until it ends. Park and walk.


50 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or museum fee

Two attractions: Natural Science museum and castle ruins. The science museum with 10,000 preserved animal species is only open on Saturday and Sundays.

MAP / Instructions: Follow signs to the Museo de Ciencias Naturales located beyond the town or drive to the castle.


55 minutes West of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or museum fees

The epicenter of Valencian wine and worth a visit if you're also touring a bodega. Wander around the old town and you'll see castle ruins, churches, a wine museum, a modern art museum and more.



60 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€. Museum 3€, CLOSED Mondays.

A very charminutesg town with castle ruins above narrow streets. Park your car near the old town and take a short walk up to the modern art museum. Great mountain views too!


Mora de Rubielos

80 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 2€ for castle.

A magestic and solid gothic castle with huge rooms and dungeons. Built in the 1300s, this castle is now a national monument. It's also worth a short drive to Rubielos de Mora, another medieval town with the reverse name.


Cala Advocat

84 minutes South of Valencia*    Cost: 0€.

A nice little cove for snorkeling with a Chiringuito (bar) in the Summer months. The beautiful views and cliffs with a convenient walking path are wonderful.

MAP / Instructions: You'll need a "Sat-Nav" to find this place.


85 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

Teruel is known for its Arabic mudéjar style of architecture. In the Plaza del Torico, there is an interesting Art Noveau building.


Alcalá de Júcar

90 minutes West from Valencia    Cost: 0€. Castle 2€.

A gothic village built on the side of a mountain with a castle, caves and tranquil river. Eat at a restaurant in a cave or stay the night in a cave house!

MAP / Instructions: It will seem like a long mountainous drive, but it's worth it.


90 minutes South from Valencia*    Cost: highway toll.

A colorful sea-side town with many restaurants and a nice beach. Visit the Valor chocolate factory too. See above.

MAP / Instructions: Free parking in dirt lot on the South side.

Museo de Chocolate Valor

90 min from Valencia.*    Cost: highway toll. CLOSED on Sundays.

It's not wine, but a fun free tour of a chocolate factory and chocolate samples! Daily tours on the hour. 11am in English. Visit the beach of Villajoyosa too.


Penyal d'Ifac

90 minutes South from Valencia*    Cost: highway toll.

A nature park with a gigantic limestock rock that sticks out of the Sea. Take a hike or enjoy the views from the beach.



90 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: Lift tickets and ski rental.

Fascinating. Go skiing or snowboarding within a few hours from sunny Valencia. The slopes are good for beginners or intermediate. No black diamonds.



100 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or a fee to go in castle.

An little city built on a peninsula. The castle was expanded by the Knights Templar. The 1960s epic film "El Cid" was filmed here.



105 minutes South of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or a fee castle and museums.

Despite tourists from Benidorm, it's worth it. A bell tower on a cliff, tunnel entrance, spectacular views, little museums, cafes and shops will greet you.

MAP / Instructions: A little bit of a scary drive through curvy mountain roads.


110 minutes North of Valencia*    Cost: 0€

An international award for historic preservation. Clusters of pink buildings and a defensive wall surround the maze of streets.

MAP / Instructions: Do NOT stop in Gea de Albarracin, keep driving!


120 minutes West of Valencia*    Cost: 0€ or a fee for museums.

An extremely picturesque city built on a cliff that is known for it's "hanging houses." Wander the streets and enjoy the charm and maybe visit the modern art museum.

MAP / Instructions: Follow signs to "Casas Colgadas."

La Ciudad Encantada

150 West minutes of Valencia*    Cost: small fee.

It's a bit far, but you will be amazed with the giant natural rock formations that resemble animals, boats and other objects. A walk in this mystical park takes about one hour.

MAP / Instructions: After you reach Cuenca, follow signs to "Ciudad Encantada" into the mountains on the CM-2104.

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* Distance by car from Plaza de Ayuntamiento in Valencia city center.