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Torres de Serrano

These 14th century city gates are icons of Valencia. Located by the Jardin de Turia, the view from the top is mesmerizing. There are several interesting creatures in the architecture. It was also used as a prison for 200 years.


Combine with Casa Museo Benlliure and Institut Valenciá d'Art Modern. See below.

Torres de Quart

The round city gates built by Christians in 1441. Where did all the canon ball holes come from? The French bombardment in 1808. Splendid views from the top.


Combine with Institut Valenciá d'Art Modern (IVAM). See below.

Institut Valenciá d'Art Modern

The modern art museum known as the IVAM. Not too big, not too small. Be sure to visit the lower gallery which has a separate entrance from the street.


Combine with the Casa Museo Benlliure. See below.

Casa Museo Benlliure

The historic home of the Benlliure family and famous Valencian painter, José Benlliure Ortiz. Antique furniture, paintings, sculptures and beautiful courtyard makes this museum a joy.


Combine with Torres de Serrano and IVAM. See above.

La Lonja de la Seda

I love this grand gothic buildings with high ceilings, dizzy floors and twisty columns. It was constructed as the silk exchange building between 1482 and 1548 as Valencia began to prosper.


Combine with Nacional de Cerámica González Martí. See below.

Museo Nacional de Cerámica González Martí

This museum combines amazing architecture, the interiors of an exquisite palace and a ceramic tile collection of course. My kids liked the old kitchen.


Combine with La Lonja de la Seda. See above.

Museo de Arroz de Valencia

Learn about the old methods of processing rice in a fully refurbished and restored factory over 100 years old. You can do this museum in less than 30 minutes.


Combine with Playa de La Malvarrosa.

Palacio de Cervelló

A palace with ornate rooms, paintings of Spanish monarchs (with big noses), historical book archive and a chance to see how the Valencia coat of arms evolved.


Combine with Centro Cultura Bancaja. See "Free Everyday."

La Almoina

Travel back in time to see an archaeological site from Roman times. Audio visuals will help you understand the remains.


Combine with Almudín. See below.


It now has art exhibitions, but it used to be a wheat warehouse. Impressive wall murals from the 15th century.


Combine with the La Almoina. See above.

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