Upcoming Shows

☆ Thu Nov 14 2019 - Davey's Uptown - 7:30pm
with The Fourensics and Harder They Fall

Midlife Mafia is a Kansas City rock band that formed in 2019 from the ashes of the 1970s. They make fun of themselves and growing old with songs like Bald Spot, Yard Work, Too Many Pills, Say What? and Colonoscopy.


3-piece bands rule!

first concert video

There's a pill for everything

rehearsal recordings

We know we look old

They say we sound like...

"Clash-like... early 70s rock."

"Replacements is what first came to mind."

"The Replacements jumps out."

"80s Police jams."

"I’m getting like a Yo La Tengo / Meat Puppets vibe."

"Sonic Youth, The Jam, Pixies, but like Punk/Metal versions of them. Also, some Motörhead."

"Punk as fuck."

"Frank Zappa"


Guess The 3-Piece Band
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Oct 24 2019 - The Roxy
Blood Daubers and Drugs & Attics

Jun 11 2019 - The Roxy
Brooks Brown and Friends + Remy Styrk

May 13 2019 - 1st rehearsal


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